Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long time, no Jade!

Sorry honey. Well, one reader possibly. I've been so busy! Forgot I had a blog! For real. And for my Polyvore...
I forgot the email and password. Can you believe it!?
Long story of whats been happening. Hubby and I broke up for a while. Well, to hell with him! Anyways... we're now back together again. One big happy drunk family. Well, it's more like just me and my clothes. I love shopping. Today I went to the Barney's Warehouse Sale. I usually don't like hanging around with bargain-basement-low-rent-knock-off shoppers who just are gross. I mean they strip in the aisles! Distasteful much?
Guess what?
I found out how to use the toaster! Congratulations to me.
Watching Two and a Half Men.
Odd, it's wired how people find it funny. Haha. I just laughed.
"Your name is Alan, and you pay money, so it's like Ala-money."
"Guess what? Your name is Charlie, and your a moron"
Very funny.
Ahh... nothing is better than sipping a fourteen dollar cocktail.

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