Sunday, December 20, 2009

gotta find my jade!

sorry i forgot to post yesterday. really busy with the christmas party and everything. it was amazing. instead of the traditional red and green, it was covered with blue and white. magical. we asked tiffany for some of there boxes, which actually cost money! that was okay and we put them around the rooms stacked high. the stacks included boxes from tiffanys, ron herman, neimans, barneys, burberry, and many more. there was the gingerbread house that i talked about earlier. rocking around the Christmas tree was playing. we served champagne and next to them on the tray were these little round things. when you dropped them in the drink they fizzed like alkaselter. but they tasted soo good. there was salty and sweet, and fruity. yummy. there were also vases filled to the top with m&m's that were different shades of blue, and some white! big dance floor. lots of dancing, drinking conversing. there was also a secret santa. everybody invited had to bring a gift for somebody else. it was super great. everyone got to open a present and had a brand new thing! the gifts where things like amex gift cards, coach purses, 7 or 8 birds! i know its crazy birds. great time.

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