Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh what a poetic day!

Today I went to my daughters performance of Oklahoma! I must say that it was quite unusual. The costumes were horrific! I really think if I never have anything to do I'll go down to that school (the place just scares me, but my Naomi loves it!) get some quality costumes for them. Back to me. Honey, I love days like this. Went to Ron Herman and bought a red Free City sweatshirt. With the zipper of course, who would want something you had to ruin your hair to take off? Also bought one for my aunt Zelda. She needs one and they were only $220 a piece. So I said what the hell and bought one for Zelda, Naomi, Ryan (my gym coach), and myself. As I say, I'm just lucky.
My outfit you ask?
Helmut Lang Lace Knit Top
Helmut Lange white skinny jeans
Tory Burch black Reva flats
Prada butterfly sunglasses
Stella McCartney Lola Bra
the rest is too sexy for anyone.
my super fit did not eat anything for three days body

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