Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Post!

Hi there, I'm so happy your reading this. Now I want to make one thing strait. I do not want to become an internet sensation. Honey, I just want people to see what its like to be lucky. Now that I think about it, I should of called this blog, "Honey, I'm just lucky". So a little bit about me. If you want the basics, check out the about me on the side. But now for some details. My favorite word in the world is Honey. I love it and darling. I say it to everyone one. My basic outfits change according to which city I'm in. Now, I will never go in a JC Penny. Even Macys is a little ruff. Favorite stores? Oh thats easy. Neimans, Saks, Barneys, Bloomingdales, and small boutiques in Beverly Hills. Back to my outfits. For New York when I'm with my husband. Usually you'll see me in a sheer black silk blouse, and a black pencil skirt and black heels. Honey, I try to look fabulous. Always a black purse with me. Usually Chanel or Prada. My apartment is located on 5th Avenue East, overlooking the park. I love it. It's right near Missoni. The drivers name is Teddy, but I just call him Driver most of the time. Its so classy. My Idol? Well thats hard. Something between Coco and Audury Hepburn. Oh right, I almost forgot. I love my Hermes scarves. I usually have one tied around my neck. Right, and black prada sunglasses.

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