Sunday, February 7, 2010

Long time, no Jade!

Sorry honey. Well, one reader possibly. I've been so busy! Forgot I had a blog! For real. And for my Polyvore...
I forgot the email and password. Can you believe it!?
Long story of whats been happening. Hubby and I broke up for a while. Well, to hell with him! Anyways... we're now back together again. One big happy drunk family. Well, it's more like just me and my clothes. I love shopping. Today I went to the Barney's Warehouse Sale. I usually don't like hanging around with bargain-basement-low-rent-knock-off shoppers who just are gross. I mean they strip in the aisles! Distasteful much?
Guess what?
I found out how to use the toaster! Congratulations to me.
Watching Two and a Half Men.
Odd, it's wired how people find it funny. Haha. I just laughed.
"Your name is Alan, and you pay money, so it's like Ala-money."
"Guess what? Your name is Charlie, and your a moron"
Very funny.
Ahh... nothing is better than sipping a fourteen dollar cocktail.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

gotta find my jade!

sorry i forgot to post yesterday. really busy with the christmas party and everything. it was amazing. instead of the traditional red and green, it was covered with blue and white. magical. we asked tiffany for some of there boxes, which actually cost money! that was okay and we put them around the rooms stacked high. the stacks included boxes from tiffanys, ron herman, neimans, barneys, burberry, and many more. there was the gingerbread house that i talked about earlier. rocking around the Christmas tree was playing. we served champagne and next to them on the tray were these little round things. when you dropped them in the drink they fizzed like alkaselter. but they tasted soo good. there was salty and sweet, and fruity. yummy. there were also vases filled to the top with m&m's that were different shades of blue, and some white! big dance floor. lots of dancing, drinking conversing. there was also a secret santa. everybody invited had to bring a gift for somebody else. it was super great. everyone got to open a present and had a brand new thing! the gifts where things like amex gift cards, coach purses, 7 or 8 birds! i know its crazy birds. great time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Where theres a Jade, theres a way!

Saved my ass today. Went to my daughters winter party at school today. She did not preform. It made me a little sad. Bought her the cutest bag today at Coach. It was a little bag. For a little person! Ha!
Perspective parents kill me.
They make me angry.
Bugging my husband and I.
I like this format.
I feel as this is a waste of my time.
The party earlier was a bore.
Came home at nine thirty.
Played Taboo.
With Naomi, the hubby, and our maid Kate.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingerbread Mansion!

Today, my chefs finally completed a gingerbread mansion for our foyer. It was so beautiful! I almost died. It's going to be the centerpiece for our holiday party! That is going to make everyone swarm around it! It is Tiffany blue, and has white piping. It is almost prettier than our house! Haha, no house is prettier than ours! Well for the party I ordered Pinkberry, Sprinkles, Spago, Mullberry Pizza, and The Farm burgers. The burgers are so good. But I also ordered a catering company that ranges in all different types of cocktail foods. There's also an ice sculpture in the form of a snowflake. We have performers who are some pretty big celebrities. Also it is a winter wonderland circus theme. So there are acrobats on the roof. Oh honey, it'll be magical. We might put a little surprises in the cocktails, so everyone spends a little more on the auction items. There are usually ten items ranging form 5,000 to 25,000. Getting back to planning!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's a bright Christmas haze on Beverly Hills!

Ah yes. It's that time of year again. The Christmas tree was delivered to the mansion today. Reached up the tip of my martini glass couldn't even touch the top. Either I'm really short or it's really tall. It's in the foyer, and it is 14 feet tall! The staff needed help getting the decorations on the top. They threw Naomi up there and problem fixed! Oh yes, she is the artistic one. Always finding new was to, well, make things "prettier" as she says. Moving on to the holiday party. Booze, cookies, trees, ugly sweaters, and a chorus. What more do you need honey? Last year the mister's mother came in with a ruby dress and silver heels. What a mess. Really. She fell on the floor and ended up staying with us for over 2 months! Thats funny because she has a 5th avenue apartment, and 5 story house in the Hamptons!
Bought cupcakes for my daughters school at Sprinkles. I was going to that place way before Oprah was honey.
Came home, decorated the house. Well supervised.
Talked to the gardener.
I almost forgot.
Had lunch with the girls. Rhonda. Cambell. Lucy. Kendra my most loved friend. Talked about things from sex to red socks.
Lucy is thinking about getting a boob job. Got size A. Maybe a good idea because the rest of the clan has C's! Ha! Any good names? Must be in Beverly Hills.
The mister's coming home soon. Covered the bed with rose petals. We do it once a week on Wednesday. Dirty laundry...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh what a poetic day!

Today I went to my daughters performance of Oklahoma! I must say that it was quite unusual. The costumes were horrific! I really think if I never have anything to do I'll go down to that school (the place just scares me, but my Naomi loves it!) get some quality costumes for them. Back to me. Honey, I love days like this. Went to Ron Herman and bought a red Free City sweatshirt. With the zipper of course, who would want something you had to ruin your hair to take off? Also bought one for my aunt Zelda. She needs one and they were only $220 a piece. So I said what the hell and bought one for Zelda, Naomi, Ryan (my gym coach), and myself. As I say, I'm just lucky.
My outfit you ask?
Helmut Lang Lace Knit Top
Helmut Lange white skinny jeans
Tory Burch black Reva flats
Prada butterfly sunglasses
Stella McCartney Lola Bra
the rest is too sexy for anyone.
my super fit did not eat anything for three days body

Monday, December 14, 2009

Too Many Posts!

Hi there again, I'm sorry to be posting so much in one day. But I just came up with a great idea for a thing I'm going to do. It's called Me in Real Life. Well, you probably saying thats what a blog is all about but I'll tell you what I'm wearing today.
I'm in Los Angeles and it's sunny today after about I week of rain. I'm bored so I decided to go shopping at Neimans. I'm wearing my hair up, black JBrand jeans, a black silk prada blouse, black boots, and a juicy coat... drivers waiting.