Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's a bright Christmas haze on Beverly Hills!

Ah yes. It's that time of year again. The Christmas tree was delivered to the mansion today. Reached up the tip of my martini glass couldn't even touch the top. Either I'm really short or it's really tall. It's in the foyer, and it is 14 feet tall! The staff needed help getting the decorations on the top. They threw Naomi up there and problem fixed! Oh yes, she is the artistic one. Always finding new was to, well, make things "prettier" as she says. Moving on to the holiday party. Booze, cookies, trees, ugly sweaters, and a chorus. What more do you need honey? Last year the mister's mother came in with a ruby dress and silver heels. What a mess. Really. She fell on the floor and ended up staying with us for over 2 months! Thats funny because she has a 5th avenue apartment, and 5 story house in the Hamptons!
Bought cupcakes for my daughters school at Sprinkles. I was going to that place way before Oprah was honey.
Came home, decorated the house. Well supervised.
Talked to the gardener.
I almost forgot.
Had lunch with the girls. Rhonda. Cambell. Lucy. Kendra my most loved friend. Talked about things from sex to red socks.
Lucy is thinking about getting a boob job. Got size A. Maybe a good idea because the rest of the clan has C's! Ha! Any good names? Must be in Beverly Hills.
The mister's coming home soon. Covered the bed with rose petals. We do it once a week on Wednesday. Dirty laundry...

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